The Big Book Of Split
Test Ideas by Brad Callen
1,017 Split Test Ideas You Can
Test On Your Internet Business
The Big Book Of Split Test Ideas is a compilation of 1,017 proven split test ideas that I have either run myself since I began my online business in 2002 or ideas that I have learned through teleseminars, webinars, conferences, books, membership websites, and high ticket masterminds.
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What's Inside

The Big Book Of Split Test Ideas is separated into several distinct categories and types of split tests that you might want to run.
E-Commerce Pages
Facebook Ads
Checkout Pages
Video Sales Letter
Graphics & Videos
Landing Pages
Long Form Sales Pages
Mobile Pages
Google Adwords
Social Media
Bing Ads

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"The Big Book Of Split Test Ideas is my go-to reference guide for coming up with my next big idea that I want to test. It's become a foundation of my business."
Mark Thompson, Co-Founder
"When it comes to split testing ideas, Brad has thought of them all. Very refreshing in this day and age of online marketing to see such a well though out and truly useful guide.""
Jimmy Kim, Founder
"Knowing your metrics is absolutely critical to growing an online business. In The Big Book Of Split Test Ideas, Brad has done a tremendous job with organizing each test idea is order of their importance. I especially love the impact scores."
Anik Singal, Founder
"Before starting any Facebook ad campaign, I always consult The Big Book for the types of ads I should be testing within each ad set. Thanks for putting together such a helpful book!"
Dr. Charles Livingston, Founder

About The Author

Brad Callen is the founder and CEO of Bryxen.

Brad got his start online in 2002, and at that time was best known for his knowledge of search engine optimization. After ranking #1 in Google for extremely competitive terms such as, "weight loss" and "how to lose weight", he quickly found himself teaching SEO to over 100,000 small to large sized businesses across the globe.

Brad then assembled a talented team of software developers who went on to create some of the most used traffic generation, keyword research, and marketing software in the B2B space.

Brad is currently the CEO of, which employs over 250,000 writers around the world, and publishes more online content than any other writing service in existence. He also founded and owns, which allows anyone to create highly engaging, professional, whiteboard doodle videos. His most recent venture is, which is the world's first and only A/B split testing software that combines A/B split testing with website visitor screen session recordings, allowing you to not only learn which web page version produces the best results, but also learn why it produces those results so you can come up with your next big idea much quicker.

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